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Diana Amati



Diana Amati is the Founder, President, & Chief Executive Officer of Opera Culture News & Magazine. Diana founded Opera Culture, part of Artisti Media Group (AMG), which is a conglomerate of several companies, organizations, and philanthropies in the arts. She also started the Amati Foundation, a private, family-owned foundation whose stated mission is to benefit the opera community and further enrich its listeners by providing access to education, opportunities for cultural development, and artistic empowerment. In addition to her executive roles in the company, Diana also contributes to content with a focus on reviews & interviews
of major opera stars.
Diana has a background as a classical composer & soprano with performances across the United States and Europe, specializing in vocal works & opera. In addition to performing & composing, Diana maintains a private teaching studio at her home in Northern NJ as well as in the upper west side of Manhattan and provides lessons to her international students through
online video conferencing.

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