All Theaters in Lombardy, Italy Forced to Close Due to Coronavirus

All theaters in Lombardy, Italy, have been forced to close due to the Coronavirus spreading across the country. This includes Teatro Donizetti, Teatro Sociale di Como, Teatro Grande di Brescia, and Teatro Comunale Ponchielli. The entire town of Lombardy is under lock-down and no travel is permitted under any circumstances. The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has stated the lockdown could last for many weeks.

This announcement comes after Teatro alla Scala has officially closed due to the government's mandatory enforcement.

We expect more theaters across Italy to close as well due to the virus outbreak. Make sure to contact the theaters directly for any specific performance cancellations.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know of any news, and please be safe. If you are traveling, make sure to check the national advisories of your home country and remember to wear a mask as this virus is airborne.


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