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Anna Netrebko Announces New Parternships

Anna Netrebko, the world's most famous opera star, was recently cancelled and banned from several opera houses including the Metropolitan Opera and Teatro alla Scala, among others, due to her refusal to denounce her Russian homeland. This controversy comes amidst tensions with the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Anna has just announced on social media that she still has plans to sing in Europe, where she will perform in several concerts, as well as new invitations offered to her. In addition to continuing her career in Europe and in Russia, she has announced future plans to work with opera houses and organizations in Japan, Asia, and Latin America. She is also planning tours both in Israel and in Arab countries.

She has a Monaco-based agent for concert performances, Maxim Berin, who told Russian media that 'Everything [is going] according to plan.' He is delighted with her upcoming projects and performances, and his new partnership with the famous opera star.


Pictured on Instagram, Anna Netrebko is beautifully decked out in a traditional Arab head-dress with shining gold gems, paired with some red lipstick- a bold, and powerful decision which symbolizes she is persevering through controversy and is not giving up. Perhaps, this is a valuable lesson for those who do not give into tyrannical demands of arts organizations, that life continues on even in the most trying of circumstances, and there can still be a place for artists who do not fit the current political trend of the day.

We pray for Anna as she continues to receive backlash from arts organizations, and we look forward to her new, upcoming performances worldwide.

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