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Anna Netrebko Receives American Public Support

©Dario Acosta

Russian opera star, Anna Netrebko, has recently been under fire for refusing to denounce Vladimir Putin. Anna Netrebko has already made statements opposing the war between Russia and Ukraine and called for peace, but the Metropolitan Opera has distanced themselves from Anna, along with other opera houses and institutions. However, while America's most notable opera house has cut ties with the star, the American public has been showing their support of her all over social media. Most recently, on the major American television show, 'The View', the co-hosts stood in solidarity with her and sympathized with the difficult predicament she has been placed in. Whoopi Goldberg shared how publicly speaking out against Vladimir Putin could put Anna Netrebko and her entire family in danger and it is not necessarily the most wise decision to speak up at this time.

“You know, I don’t think that everybody is cut out to speak out. It’s also very dangerous, as we know, sometimes to speak up or say what you think,” Whoopi Goldberg said. “So, especially if you got folks living in Russia, and you’re over here working, you know, it might not be prudent for you. I feel like people do what they can do.” -Whoopi Goldberg

The other hosts including Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro agreed with the sentiment as well. Ana Navarro added,

“Listen, this strikes very close to home for me, I get some Nicaraguans who are really frustrated with me. They say ‘Why don’t you use your platform to condemn what’s happening in Nicaragua?’ And I say to them, ‘Because I had a frail mom, I have an elderly dad, I have a special needs brother, and [Nicaragua’s president] Daniel Ortega is very vindictive.’ I can’t say anything from the comfort of this studio that’s going to put their lives at risk. So I understand that part.” -Ana Navarro

©Dario Acosta

Despite Peter Gelb cutting ties with Anna Netrebko and the Metropolitan refusing to show her any sympathy for the position she is in, the American public and even the media seems to have her support. They understand that being political can have dire consequences in other countries, and protesters can get killed along with their family and loved ones. For Peter Gelb to put this opera singer in this position is not only dangerous but extremely cruel.

Perhaps, with the continued support of her fans and followers, the Metropolitan Opera will warm their heart once again to this talented, beautiful, and extremely devoted singer and artist. In our culture, we need to learn to give grace and forgiveness, especially during these troublesome times in our world, and be a leading example of showing what can be accomplished when we stop fighting with one another, cancelling and banning others based on their thoughts and ideas, and instead show some love and humanity. Only then, can we hope for any kind of lasting change and peace in this world.


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