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Anna Netrebko Stands in Solidarity with Valery Gergiev & Refuses to Denounce Vladimir Putin

The most famous opera singer in the world, soprano superstar Anna Netrebko, has released a statement and photo on social media seemingly showing support of her fellow colleague and friend, Valery Gergiev, who has been fired from almost all of his professional contracts due to his silence in denouncing Vladimir Putin. Anna called for friendship and peace during these troublesome times, and an end to the war.

“I have said , I am opposite to this senseless war of aggression and I am calling on Russia to end this war right now , to safe all of us! We need peace, friendship”

The photo she shared shows Valery Gergiev holding hands with Anna and proudly displaying their friendship together. Anna Netrebko has doubled-down on her support of Gergiev and for artists who do not denounce Vladimir Putin. Anna Netrebko herself has not denounced Putin, in fact, she has expressed that she disagrees with an opera house or institution expecting an artist to do. Valery Gergiev has lost almost all of his contracts, while Anna Netrebko has not. Anna has, however, voluntarily cancelled some of her recent performances due to concerns for safety amidst the war and for personal reasons.

Anna has not denounced Putin, but she still has yet to lose any of her future contracts with the same institutions which fired Valery Gergiev for not denouncing Putin, including Teatro alla Scala.

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