CAST CHANGE: Carolina Ullrich sings Ännchen in “Der Freischütz" at Semperoper Dresden

On January 3, 2020, the lovely Chilean soprano Carolina Illrich will sing Ännchen in the performance of “Der Freischütz" at Semperoper Dresden, replacing Katerina von Bennigsen. Katerina will return for January 5, 2020, to sing the last performance of the production.


The cast includes Sebastian Wartig, Hagen Erkrath, Dorothea Herbert, Matthias Henneberg, and Tomislav Mužek. 


Christoph Gedschold conducts Axel Köhler’s production.

"Once the best marksman in the world, Max is on a losing streak. A single shot will determine his betrothal to Agathe – a much too important matter to leave to chance. At midnight in the Wolf’s Glen, Max, aided by the evil Casper, casts seven magic bullets which never miss their target, thus sealing a pact with the devil. Following the work’s premiere in 1821, Carl Maria von Weber proclaimed: »I’ve hit the hit the bullseye«. Soon »Der Freischütz« became regarded as the romantic German opera par excellence. Weber’s music reproduces the beauty of the German forest as well as its nighttime eeriness to create an atmosphere of uncertainty, doubt and fear. In his production, director Axel Köhler not only describes the fate of a young man driven to extremes by a fear of failure, but also paints the image of a society which, having lost its bearings, seeks stability in ritual and hierarchy." -Semperoper Dresden



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