CAST CHANGES: Deutsche Oper Berlin's ‘Les Huguenots’

The Deutsche Oper Berlin has announced multiple cast changes for its upcoming production of “Les Huguenots,” according to the official statement on the company’s website.

For all the performances of the opera, soprano Liv Redpath will take over the role of Marguerite de Valois from Erin Morley, while tenor Anton Rositskiy will replace Yosep Kang in the role of Raoul de Nangis. Finally, Dimitris Tiliakos will replace Philipp Jekal in the role of Comte de Nevers.

Thus, all three singers will give their Deutsche Oper House debuts.

For the performances on February 2, 2020 and February 9, 2020 tenor Andrei Danilov will perform instead of Robert Watson in the role of Bois-Rosé.

The rest of the cast includes Seth Carico, Derek Welton, Olesya Golovneva, Irene Roberts, Paul Kaufmann, Padraic Rowan, Stephen Bronk, Andrew Harris, Ante Jerkunica, Timothy Newton, Jacquelyn Stucker, Karis Tucker, Alexei Botnarciuc and Jörg Schörner.


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