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Concert de Paris Unveils Sensational Lineup

The highly anticipated Concert de Paris, set to take place on July 14, has unveiled its sensational lineup for the year 2023.

This grand concert, an annual celebration of France's independence, will once again grace the magnificent surroundings of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Audiences can expect an evening filled with awe-inspiring performances by a stellar roster of soloists, showcasing their extraordinary talent and artistry.

The stage will come alive with the mesmerizing voices of renowned soloists. Prepare to be moved by the captivating performances of Ermonela Jaho, whose soprano voice effortlessly conveys deep emotion and profound lyricism. Joining her will be the remarkable Marie-Laure Garnier, whose luminous mezzo-soprano voice is renowned for its richness and versatility. The audience will also be enchanted by the spellbinding presence of Stéphanie d'Oustrac, a celebrated mezzo-soprano known for her magnetic stage presence and remarkable vocal range. And that's not all—Jonas Kaufmann, the internationally acclaimed tenor, will grace the stage with his powerful and emotionally charged performances. Completing this extraordinary lineup is Ludovic Tézier, a baritone known for his commanding presence and exceptional vocal prowess. Together, these soloists will create a symphony of voices that will resonate with the hearts of the audience.

Adding to the enchantment, the Concert de Paris will feature the virtuoso violinist Vilde Frang, whose extraordinary talent and expressive playing have captivated audiences around the world. Accompanying her on the piano will be the remarkable Daniil Trifonov, a true master of the keys whose performances are filled with passion and brilliance. The concert will be elevated to new heights under the baton of the esteemed conductor Cristian Măcelaru, who will lead the Orchestre National de France and the Chœur de Radio France, ensuring a harmonious and unforgettable musical experience.

The Concert de Paris is a collaborative effort between Electron Libre Productions, France Télévisions, and Radio France, showcasing the dedication and commitment of these esteemed organizations to bring the magic of music to audiences far and wide. This extraordinary event will be broadcast on national television, allowing viewers from across the country to partake in the celebrations.

While the complete program for the concert is yet to be unveiled, anticipation is mounting as music enthusiasts eagerly await the announcement of the repertoire that will grace this remarkable evening. Prepare to be transported on a musical journey that will stir the soul and ignite the spirit, as the Concert de Paris promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with passion, beauty, and the true essence of French independence.


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