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Cristian Della Chiara New Role at 'ItaliaFestival'

Rossini Opera Festival's esteemed General Director, Cristian Della Chiara, has recently assumed a significant role as a member of the Board of Directors for ItaliaFestival. ItaliaFestival is a remarkable collective of renowned festivals in Italy, representing a diverse range of artistic disciplines.

In a momentous gathering, consisting of 48 esteemed members, Francesco Maria Perrotta has been unanimously reconfirmed as the president of the association for ItaliaFestival.

Furthermore, the assembly has elected the new Board of Directors, responsible for governing the realm of Italian festivals for the upcoming three-year term, spanning from 2023 to 2026.

The newly formed Board is composed of outstanding individuals who bring their expertise and passion to the forefront of Italy's festival landscape. Leading the Board is the president, Francesco Maria Perrotta, while Franco Belletti (Ravenna Festival) assumes the role of vice-president. Other distinguished members include Cecilia Balestra (Milano Musica), Roberto Naccari (Santarcangelo Festival), Augusto Masiello (Maggio all'Infanzia Festival), Franco Moretti (Puccini Festival), Brunella Fusco (Campania Teatro Festival), Massimo Mercelli (Emilia Romagna Festival), Cristian Della Chiara (Rossini Opera Festival), Lucia Chiatti (Pergolesi Spontini Festival), and Giacomo Pedini (Mittelfest).

Amidst these exciting developments, the spotlight shines on the upcoming Rossini Opera Festival, which is poised to captivate audiences with its grand opening on August 11. The festival's inaugural performance, "Eduardo e Cristina," promises to enchant and delight attendees with its masterful interpretation of Rossini's timeless opera.

This convergence of talent, leadership, and artistic excellence heralds a promising future for the vibrant festival scene in Italy. As Cristian Della Chiara assumes his role on the Board of Directors for ItaliaFestival, his invaluable experience and vision will contribute to shaping and enriching the cultural landscape of festivals throughout the country. With the Rossini Opera Festival set to launch its highly anticipated program, audiences can expect a season filled with exceptional performances, artistic innovation, and unforgettable experiences that celebrate the enduring legacy of Rossini and Italian opera.


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