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DVD RELEASE! Handel's 'Ariodante' Featuring Cecilia Bartoli, Kathryn Lewek, Rolando Villazón

Record Label: Unitel

NEW DVD RELEASE (blu-ray) from the Salzburg Festival in 2017, Cecilia Bartoli shines as Ariodante with her dazzling coloratura in a highly acclaimed new production by the German director Christoph Loy, who is known for his clever psychological stagings. Loy turns Handel's splendid baroque opera into an exciting and differentiated reflection on gender roles. A high-class ensemble, first and foremost a brilliant Cecilia Bartoli in the trouser role of the knight Ariodante who effortlessly switches between cheerful and lamenting virtuoso singing makes the production a true triumph. At her side perform audience favourite Rolando Villazón as Lurcano and young American soprano Kathryn Lewek.

Watch the trailer below:

(Recorded live at the Haus für Mozart, Salzburg Festival, August 2017)


Ariodante - Cecilia Bartoli The King of Scotland - Nathan Berg Ginevra - Kathryn Lewek Lurcanio - Rolando Villazón Polinesso - Christophe Dumaux Dalinda - Sandrine Piau Odoardo - Kristofer Lundin

Salzburg Bach Choir (chorus master: Alois Glassner) Les Musiciens du Prince-Monaco Gianluca Capuano, conductor

Christof Loy, stage director Johannes Leiacker, set designer Ursula Renzenbrink, costume designer Roland Edrich, lighting designer Andreas Heise, choreographer


Buy the DVD by clicking the link below:

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