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Exciting Social Media Contest from Boston Baroque

Boston Baroque has recently made an exciting announcement about an upcoming social media contest that music enthusiasts won't want to miss. This highly anticipated contest offers a grand prize that will surely leave the winner thrilled and inspired. The lucky individual will be awarded an incredible opportunity to travel to the vibrant city of Boston in October 2023 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The highlight of this extraordinary prize is a private coaching session with the renowned Martin Pearlman, the esteemed Founding Music Director of Boston Baroque. Imagine having the chance to receive personal guidance and instruction from a true maestro! But that's not all – the winner will also be granted a free entry pass to the inaugural conference organized by Early Music America. This prestigious event promises to be a gathering of industry experts, artists, and enthusiasts, providing an exceptional platform for learning, networking, and celebrating the art of early music. To ensure a smooth and worry-free trip, a travel stipend will be included, adding further excitement and convenience to this remarkable adventure.

To enter this captivating contest, participants need to showcase their talent and passion by filming themselves performing one of Maestro Pearlman's exquisite ornaments. The ornaments can be found in Boston Baroque's comprehensive and freely accessible Resource Library. This vast collection provides a treasure trove of musical gems, allowing contestants to explore and select a captivating ornament that resonates with their musical sensibilities. Once the video is ready, participants simply need to share it on their preferred social media platform to officially enter the contest.

Mark your calendars, as the contest opens on July 1, 2023, at the stroke of midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). It will run for an entire month, closing on July 31, 2023, at the final minute before midnight (11:59 p.m. EDT). To be eligible for this exceptional opportunity, participants must ensure that they follow Boston Baroque's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Additionally, it is crucial to tag @bostonbaroque and include the designated contest hashtag, #BBOrnamentChallenge, in their social media posts.

This contest is a celebration of music, talent, and the enduring spirit of Boston Baroque. It not only offers participants the chance to win an extraordinary prize but also encourages them to explore the rich musical heritage curated in the Resource Library. With the contest period spanning an entire month, participants have ample time to craft their performances and share their passion for music with the world. So, whether you're an aspiring musician or an ardent lover of early music, don't miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent, connect with like-minded individuals, and potentially embark on a memorable journey to Boston, the cultural hub of musical excellence.


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