Grand Théâtre de Genève Limits Seating Due to Coronavirus

The Grand Théâtre de Genève has announced they will be following the government's mandated policy to only allow 1,000 people in a public or private gathering.

The company released the following statement,

"Following the decisions of the Federal Council announced this morning, the Grand Théâtre de Genève announces the maintenance of the production of the opera Les Huguenots tonight. The building will welcome 1000 people in all. This decision comes from the guardianship authority of the Grand Théâtre, the City of Geneva.The following performances are for the moment being maintained with the same layout. We are waiting for instructions from the City of Geneva and will keep the public informed by email, phone, social media and on our dedicated page "

Productions within the company will continue as planned with the exception of limiting seating. This may or may not affect current ticket-holders and it is advised to contact the opera house directly for any questions.


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