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Huge Victory for Anna Netrebko- The World's Leading Classical Music Channel Aligns with Her

In a huge victory for Anna Netrebko, The world's leading classical music channel, Medici.TV has made the decision to stream Anna's performance of 'Manon Lescaut' from Opera de Monte-Carlo on April 27, 2022, seemingly aligning their organization with the star soprano and going against the demands of the cancel-culture mob.

The Metropolitan Opera has practically demanded that Anna Netrbeko be extinguished from existence in the opera scene, of which others have since followed suit. The mentality of jumping on the bandwagon once someone has been called to be banned is indicative of the harsh and cruel times we are living in, where our society lacks the attention span to even research and use critical thinking skills before going on the attack against our fellow man. What this subculture of society has yet to realize is, what is popular is not always right. It seems as though our culture has forgotten the lessons of the past, where citizens jump on the bandwagon before stepping back to make an informed decision and do independent research, and just do what the mainstream media tells them to do. However, here is the truth that most mainstream organizations do not want you to know- the majority stand with Anna Netrebko and go against the cancel-culture mob. She has the support of the people, the audience members who have supported her and love her as an artist. However, administrators are afraid to speak up and publicly stand in solidarity with her, even if it is the right thing to do, just to avoid any controversy with the cancel-culture mob.

In a smart move by the leading organization, Medici.TV has seemingly decided to align themselves with the soprano opera star by streaming her hugely successful 'Manon Lescaut', on their platform, ignoring the mob and giving the artist a platform to be heard by the world.

We hope more organizations will learn from the example of Opera de Monte-Carlo and Medici.TV, that the voice of an artist can not be extinguished.



To stream the performance courtesy of Medici.TV, and to support them for going against the cancel-culture mob, click the button below to subscribe and gain access to their streaming platform.

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