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Javier Camarena's New Album, 'La Voz de México' by Sony Music

Renowned tenor, Javier Camarena, is gearing up for the highly-anticipated release of his upcoming album, titled "Javier Camarena, La Voz de México." This exciting musical endeavor, set to hit the airwaves on July 6, 2023, will be launched under the prestigious label of Sony Music México.

To build anticipation among his fans, Camarena plans to unveil a captivating single titled "Hasta que te conocí" on June 29, 2023. This track follows the successful release of his earlier single, "Sabor a mi," which has garnered considerable acclaim and admiration.

The album itself will showcase a rich collection of 15 songs, all composed by talented Mexican artists, including the likes of Maria Grever, Miguel Pous, and Rubén Fuentes. Through this carefully curated selection, Camarena aims to pay homage to the vibrant and diverse musical heritage of Mexico.

Last year, the gifted Mexican tenor inked an exclusive contract with Sony Music Mexico, a move that brought him immense joy and gratitude. Reflecting on this collaboration, he expressed his happiness and appreciation for becoming a part of the Sony Music México family. Camarena also expressed his excitement for the opportunity to work with the esteemed record company, highlighting his confidence in creating a magnificent album that truly captures the essence and beauty of Mexican music.

With the expertise and support of Sony Music México, Javier Camarena is poised to deliver a project of exceptional value, destined to captivate audiences and solidify his position as "La Voz de México" (The Voice of Mexico). Fans and music enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate an extraordinary musical journey with Camarena as he showcases his remarkable talent and passion for Mexican music through this highly-anticipated album.

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