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Lisette Oropesa Presents Debut Solo Album, 'Ombra Compagna'

Lisette Oropesa presents her debut solo album, 'Ombra Compagna' featuring concert arias by Mozart. Pentatone released this album with Giulio D'Alessio and il Pomo d'Oro playing under the baton of Antonello Manacorda.

Lisette made the following statement about her new album,

“Mozart has always been my favorite composer. I think I started to feel this strong connection to his music when I studied his concertos as a young flautist. I had to learn the language of the virtuosic writing he is so famous for, and be able to color and create musical phrases without the use of text. Many of Mozart’s concert arias are written in a similar way as his instrumental music, requiring a huge skill set of virtues and demanding extremes of range, breath control, dynamics, and stamina. As a former instrumentalist, I approach this special repertoire the same way with my voice as I did with my flute. The difference now is, as a grown woman, I feel that I have a deeper connection to his musical language. Because the human voice is an organic instrument, it responds (sometimes involuntarily!) to even the subtlest of emotional triggers. And there is text, often a very emotionally driven one, sometimes descriptive of the most heart-breaking of situations, that points to the direction of the ideal execution of this music. Even though Mozart’s music is, with my humble abilities, impossible to truly master, I still enjoy every moment I spend letting it live in me and bringing it to the world in all its complexity. The emotional center of the album for me is the aria "Ah, lo previdi" which is a journey within itself, and the most sublime music accompanies the journey between life and death, as the spirit of a loved one slips away. Though we may wish to follow them into the next life, we must stay behind. So to be an "Ombra compagna," to be with someone in spirit, when we say that, it is a comforting yet heartbreaking testament of love. -Lisette Oropesa


Her album is available at the link below:

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