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Met Could Face Legal Consequences for Wrongful Discrimination Against Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko, the world's most beloved and famous opera star today, has support of one of the greatest lawyers and legal authorities of our time, Alan Dershowitz. He has personally spoken and challenged her dismissal from the Metropolitan Opera and it appears she has a potential case for a lawsuit against the classical institution giant due to illegal discrimination.

The Russian soprano was in the opinion of many, wrongfully fired by the Metropolitan Opera, is now benefiting from the legal bigwig, Alan Dershowitz, supporting her and advocating for her civil rights being protected in the United States.

Dershowitz says,

"The Metropolitan Opera’s decision to fire her, at least in part, because of her national origin, may put my beloved opera company on the wrong side of anti-discrimination law. Her views would probably not have become the subject of political scrutiny if not for her national origin. And that may be enough to violate the anti-discrimination rules."

Dershowitz adds,

"The Met fired her on the ground that she is Russian and did not sufficiently condemn Vladimir Putin for waging war in Ukraine. SHE DID CONDEMN THE WAR, but refused to condemn Putin personally. If she had, she would be endangering her family, friends and her own ability to ever return safely to her homeland."


This news has been circulating all over the internet and in opera and legal circles, with everyone wondering what will happen next and what the potential outcome of a legal battle would be.

The question is, will Anna Netrebko decide to take legal action against the Metropolitan Opera? If she does, it seems she has much of the American public's support as well as major lawyers such as Alan Dershowitz.

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