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Nadine Sierra Breaks Down Barriers in the Opera World- Performs at London's Fashion Week

Nadine Sierra is breaking down barriers in the opera world by performing in unique, outside-the-box venues, typically reserved for non-classical artists. Her latest event was performing at London's prestigious fashion week for Burberry, where she was showcasing her ability to push the bounds of traditional operatic limitations, her voice displaying a beautiful blend of both classical and modern elements for a wider appeal. This rare gift that Nadine has to delicately balance the two (which not many opera singers possess) enables new audiences to get a very pleasant introduction to opera who might not otherwise have been interested. Her voice- sweet, angelic, and pure, resembles the closest sound to a popular mainstream artist as possible while still maintaining integrity in her opera-trained voice. Her use of delicate dynamics made her voice soar, and combined with her model stature she appeared as an angel of light- hauntingly beautiful in both appearance and perfectly spun legato lines.

Nadine Sierra looked as though she could have walked the runway herself- with her sleek modern black dress and tightly pulled back hair in a bun. Her makeup was also very on trend for current models on the runway, where less is more and the makeup is worn by the model versus the makeup wearing them. Nadine was very elegant and tasteful, while also maintaining an effortlessly chic modern appearance. She looked much like the star-studded models that walked the runway for the event, including Model Irina Shayk and Naomi Campbell. This is a major deal for an opera singer to perform at such an event, of whom Kanye West was also in attendance, among other big names.

(Photographed is Nadine Sierra performing with the London Contemporary Orchestra at London Fashion Week)

Nadine Sierra was also the star of the show- with many Instagram users commenting about Nadine's voice and appearance on Burberry's social media. This is what both industries need more of- art supporting art. In a time when opera houses are having difficulty selling out tickets, these type of partnerships are crucial to not only maintaining the art form but growing it and reaching new audiences.

So many were exposed to opera for the first time by listening to this performance of Nadine's gorgeous vocals, when they wouldn't have otherwise. Burberry should be applauded for this unique experience, where high fashion and opera joined together to create a magical marriage of exquisite music and art.

Watch the video below to hear an excerpt of Nadine Sierra singing an original composition by Paul Mealor for the Burberry 2023 Spring/Summer show at London's fashion week.

Nadine Sierra posted about her experience on Instagram,

"Yesterday’s @burberry event was quite cool & getting to watch this industry do their thing was really eye-opening. First of all, this team at Burberry is REALLY hard-working & dedicated to their designer, @riccardotisci17. I got to watch their interactions with each other and I’ll tell you….the amount of hours they put into giving this brand everything they’ve got from their energy to their creativity to make all work as it needs to is utterly impressive! A real chapeau to all of them! Thank you for having me & to my label @dgclassics for making it possible 🤍 And to Maestro @robertamesmusic & the @lcorchestra: you guys are rockstars. Ready for anything and totally cool to work with- hope we have another opportunity again 🤍 Flying back to NYC now to begin rehearsals at the @metopera soon for ‘La Traviata’! I can’t wait! And may I add….watching @naomi walk down the runway while I was singing was…incredible. I don’t normally get starstruck…but her presence and WALK struck this girl right in the soul ✨ you go, girl" - Nadine Sierra

👗: @burberry

Make-up: @hollyhackneymua 💕

Thank you, Nadine Sierra, for always working hard to break down barriers and for thinking outside-the-box to bring in new audiences to opera.

We look forward to her upcoming performances at the Metropolitan Opera in La Traviata.

For more on Nadine, follow her on social media @nadine.sierra

Click the button below to be directed to her Instagram account.


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