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Nadine Sierra's 'Sempre Libera' Highlight of Le Concert de Paris

Nadine Sierra stunned the people of Paris and all those in attendance of Le Concert de Paris 2022 with her rendition of 'Sempre Libera' from Verdi's 'La Traviata'. The Concert de Paris is one the most spectacular events in the heart of Paris featured right beneath the Eiffel Tower. A luxurious, beautiful concert featuring opera and other classics and many famous artists and musical groups, this is a concert for opera singers to shine and present themselves to the greater audience who might not otherwise hear opera being performed. Nadine was certainly the highlight of the event, who caught the audience's attention with her beautiful rendition of 'Sempre Libera.'

You can hear the video clip below of this singer's stunning performance.

As a very popular music event in France, many international fans of opera attended the Concert de Paris as well as citizens of France. This open-air concert brought in a staggering number of opera fans, both old and new to the world of opera and classical music. As to be expected, Nadine Sierra once again showed how she can create new and young audiences with not only her beautiful, supple voice, but her beautiful figure and star qualities she brings to the stage.

It was truly a magnificent event. Brava to Nadine and all of the other singers and artists involved, and we all look forward to another one of these beautiful concerts. Also, we look forward to Nadine Sierra singing 'Sempre Libera' at the Metropolitan Opera this fall when she stars as Violetta in 'La Traviata.'


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