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Opera Culture Announces Audience Participation for Reviews

We are announcing a call for audience participation for reviews at the Metropolitan Opera this season! The reviews can be anonymous or they can include your name- either way we would love to hear your feedback!

Here is the post we made on Instagram,

"We are so excited for the new season at the Metropolitan Opera! What opera are you most excited to see at the Met?
If you see us in the theater, say hi and let us know what you liked about the performance! We would love to share an audience member's review as an excerpt in our article. Or message us on Instagram with your thoughts.
See you at the Met!
Opera Culture



If you don't see us in the theater, you may message us on Instagram @operaculturenews

or e-mail us with your thoughts at

When you reach out to us, let us know if you want to remain anonymous or if you would like us to include your name with your review.

Thanks, and see you at the Met!

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