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Opus Klassik Award Winners Announced

The Opus Klassik Awards have recently unveiled the impressive list of winners for the year 2023. Among the honorees, Asmik Grigorian emerged victorious as the recipient of the prestigious Female Singer of the Year award. Grigorian's debut album, titled "Dissonance," captivated audiences with its stunning vocal prowess and artistic expression. Similarly, the Male Singer of the Year accolade was granted to Jakub Józef Orliński for his remarkable CD release titled "Farewells." Orliński's soulful and captivating performance showcased his exceptional talent and left a lasting impression on listeners.

In the realm of conducting, Jakub Hrůša received the esteemed Conductor of the Year award for his exceptional interpretation of "Hans Rott: Symphony No. 1." Hrůša's masterful direction brought out the essence and intricacies of the symphony, captivating both critics and audiences alike. The Composer of the Year honor was bestowed upon the talented Konstantia Gourzi for her remarkable composition, "Whispers." Gourzi's evocative and innovative work pushed the boundaries of classical music, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Recognizing emerging talent, the Young Talent of the Year award was shared by Jonathan Tetelman for his outstanding album "Arias" and Julia Bullock for her enchanting work, "Walking in the Dark." These rising stars exhibited remarkable skill and promise, captivating audiences with their powerful performances and emotional depth.

Moving on to the Solo Singing Award, Regula Mühlemann claimed the spotlight for her remarkable album "Fairy Tales," while André Schuen was recognized for his poignant release titled "Schwanengesang." Mühlemann and Schuen demonstrated their remarkable vocal abilities, taking listeners on a captivating journey through their heartfelt interpretations.

Shifting gears to the realm of choral music, Capella de la Torre's mesmerizing album "Monteverdi: Memories" secured the Choral Recording award. This exceptional ensemble showcased their dedication to historical authenticity and musical excellence, enchanting audiences with their expressive performances. In the opera category, "Der Freischütz" emerged victorious, featuring Christian Immler, Maximilian Schmitt, René Jacobs, and Freiburger Barockorchester. Their collaboration resulted in a stunning recording that brought Weber's opera to life with passion and precision.

The coveted title of World Premiere Recording was awarded to Christian Gerhaher, Juliane Banse, Heinz Holliger, and Philharmonia Zurich for their extraordinary work, "Lunea." This groundbreaking recording showcased their exceptional artistry and their commitment to presenting fresh and innovative musical experiences to audiences.

To celebrate these exceptional achievements, the Opus Klassik Awards ceremony will be held at the renowned Konzerthaus Berlin on October 7, 2023. This prestigious event will bring together renowned musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts to honor and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by these remarkable artists.


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