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Renée Fleming Presents, 'Cities That Sing: Paris' in IMAX Theaters September 18

The legendary soprano, Renée Fleming, is being featured in an exciting series, 'Cities that Sing' which show the behind-the-scenes look into opera in various cities around the world, staring with Paris, France. This brilliant series will be available for viewing in IMAX theaters, sure to be a visually captivating experience for audiences.

Watch the trailer video below to get a glimpse of what this series will offer.

"Filmed for IMAX, immerse yourself in the streets of Paris and the operas of France; experience the world of classical music like never before at the intersection of performance and culture with the legendary Renée Fleming, the most celebrated soprano of our time. Join Renée live in conversation with Kelsey Grammer as they discuss the world of opera and one great city’s – Paris – impact on artists."



ONE NIGHT ONLY- SEPTEMBER 18 - additional IMAX screens starting Sept. 21

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