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The Triumphant Return of Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko has proven she is still opera's biggest star, with contracts at some of the greatest houses and organizations in the world, including Arena di Verona and Teatro alla Scala. Thus far, Anna Netrebko's summer schedule has consisted of sold-out concert performances as well as major opera roles including 'Aida.' Her packed summer schedule is only a glimpse of what is to come for the beloved opera star, who shared some of her future engagements with her fans recently.



For those not in the loop, below is just a glimpse of what our favorite opera diva has been up to.



Anna is scheduled to sing the main role of 'Turandot' at the Arena di Verona in August from the 4th through the 10th. She is also performing the role of 'Aida' at Teatro Real starting on October 30, 'Tosca' at Teatro Colon starting on November 26, 'Lenora' at Opera Bastille starting December 12, and that's just to name a few. Despite some controversy, Anna is rising above the critics and maintaining her status as the world's greatest opera diva of this century. Every opera star who is famous at her level will have some kind of controversy and people who want to bring her down for their own selfish ambitions or jealousy, but Anna is proving that she can handle the critics and continue to perform at the world's greatest stages for all of her adoring fans.

Anna isn't stopping. She can't be silenced. What some opera houses like the Metropolitan Opera need to realize is she is too big to be cancelled. Anna brings in a lot of money and fills sold-out performances on a consistent basis and everything she touches turns to gold. Most opera houses have now realized it is better with Anna than without her, and she is now getting more major bookings at the world's greatest stages and still continues to sell-out tickets to all of her performances.


To keep updated on Anna's future performances and events, visit her website at

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