World Premiere of New Opera, "HindSight" by Composer, Felix Jarrar

Composer Felix Jarrar has been commissioned to produce his sixth opera, "HindSight" which features a libretto by his longtime collaborator, Brittany Goodwin.

"This opera is about the events leading up to the Leopold and Loeb trial in Chicago during the 1920s and the murder of Bobby Franks. Instead of focusing on the trial itself, Bea and I are examining Richard Loeb and Nathaniel Leopold’s motivations to commit the “perfect crime.” Inspired by Nietszche’s philosophy and their belief that they could get away with anything because of their privilege and social status, we find a lot of parallels between this story and the many instances in today’s society about men who think they can get away with anything. This is a piece about the the deranged humanity of two people who committed the most inhuman of crimes - murder - and the story about how they became two of the most notorious criminals in the history of the United States." -Felix Jarrar

The company premiering the opera, No Dominion Theater Co. had this to say about Felix Jarrar and Brittany Goodwin's newest work.

"We are elated to announce our first new project of 2020! We are thrilled to share that this year we will be producing the world premiere of HindSight, a new opera by composer Felix Jarrar and librettist Bea Goodwin about famed 1920’s killers Leopold and Loeb, to be directed by Bea Goodwin and Kaitlin Overton! Leopold and Loeb, notorious for their familial wealth and intelligence, set out to commit the perfect crime, just for the thrill of it. This case examines abuse of power and privilege — a seemingly timeless echo reverberating within our nation. We are ecstatic about this new collaboration with the dynamic Jarrar/Goodwin team and overjoyed to welcome them to the No Dominion family! Stay tuned for more details and updates about this exciting new work." -No Dominion Theater Co.


No Dominion Theatre Co.’s mission is to produce original theatre that is visceral, engaging, and utilizes unconventional storytelling with a collaborative ensemble. They are a New Jersey based theatre company that was founded by Michael Joel and Kaitlin Overton in March of 2015, and is dedicated to the principle that original devised theatre is the most interesting and exciting form of theatre to champion new works in the New Jersey/New York City region. By cross-collaborating with and fostering artists of multiple unique mediums, No Dominion creates the type of work that engages, inspires, and thrills diverse audiences through the power of live performance.


Visit Felix Jarrar's website below to get future updates on this new opera!

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