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You are enough. ❤ #selflove

This is a reminder that you are enough. Whatever day or time you are reading this post, take a moment to reflect and just have peace knowing that you are enough. You are beautiful enough, you are strong enough, you are capable enough, you are smart enough, you are resilient enough, you are talented enough, and you are worthy enough.

As latinas, we are often under-represented in this industry and there are many times we doubt our abilities, direction, and other aspects of our careers. Often, these insecurities come from people who try to put us down and criticize us, or sometimes they might even come from within ourselves. Find rest in knowing that you are uniquely gifted and you are WORTHY to sing and be heard. Your voice, your story, your beauty, and your heritage deserves to be presented and the audiences not only desire to hear it, but it is CRUCIAL and ESSENTIAL to their well-being. Our culture and story is filled with so much beauty and hope and the world needs it now more than ever before. This world NEEDS you.

Sometimes we don't feel our best and we're not confident in our abilities. Know that it's going to be ok. Even if you're feeling inadequate, know that you are enough and there's nothing you are lacking. At every stage in our life we are a work-in-progress. Right here, right now, in this very moment today, YOU ARE ENOUGH. ❤️

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