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Zemsky/Green Artists Agency in Turmoil?

We are HERE for the tea, honey! And we are going to share what we know with you. Sip, sip...

From one of our sources, allegedly there is turmoil at Zemsky/Green Artists Management (with a roster including Jonas Kaufmann and Benjamin Bernheim) due to political controversy and a PR nightmare. Apparently, the staff had concerns which they wanted to address in a calm and polite manner, and asked to speak with Green. The meeting didn't go as planned, to say the least. Trying to voice their concerns in a respectful way didn't prove yielding results. Green shockingly fired them all. Oh, that is except for his very own wife and daughter. They are still on the payroll.

Sip, sip...

So what is a disgruntled employee to do? Well, the employee who managed the Zemsky/Green website shut it all down on his way out the door of being fired. 😂 We are here for it!

You can click the link for the website- it is still down as of writing this news article.

Instead of addressing the issues and turmoil within the agency, they claim the website is down so they can upgrade their site. 😂 Well, that might be partially true, as they fired all their employees so they need to update and remove their names from the staff listing online. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with their employee shutting it down. I'm also sure there's no PR nightmare either- I bet no one is answering the phone because they are also upgrading their telephone service.


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