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Benjamin Appl Announces New Album, 'Forbidden Fruit'

Benjamin Appl and James Baillieu announce a new album, 'Forbidden Fruit,' presenting an astonishing journey from paradise and beyond, exploring the passion and drama inherent in the metaphor of forbidden fruit. The repertoire ranges from folk songs to German art songs, through the French masters to contemporary works.



'Temptation, prohibition, good, evil... ‘how relevant are these in today's world?’ asks Benjamin Appl. With the complicity of pianist James Baillieu, we are taken on a musical arc from simple folk songs through to the great song composers such as Schubert, Schumann and Wolf, along the way visiting the French masters Debussy and Poulenc, exploring ‘new objectivity’ with Weill and Eisler and enjoying compositions by Casucci, Heggie and others. The metaphor of forbidden fruit gives Benjamin and James a wide range of possible interpretations. Whilst some of the song settings centre on sensuality, others focus on socially immoral topics such as incest or sensitive subjects such as abortion. The German baritone embodies each of these stories with a passion and dramatic sense that makes this album a kaleidoscopic and astonishing journey through time and space.'



For more information and to get the album, click the button below.


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