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Berkshire Opera Festival's Concert- 'Baroque, Bel Canto, & Beyond'

The highly anticipated 2023 summer season of the Berkshire Opera Festival is set to commence with a remarkable concert titled "Breaking the Mold: Baroque, Bel Canto, and Beyond." This captivating performance will take place on July 22 at the esteemed Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, promising an unforgettable evening of extraordinary arias and enchanting ensembles spanning an impressive 300 years of musical history.

Audiences attending this concert will have the privilege of experiencing a diverse repertoire that traverses a wide range of musical styles and eras, from the timeless compositions of Händel to the contemporary works of Heggie. The carefully curated selection of musical pieces is designed to captivate and inspire, showcasing the evolution of operatic artistry throughout the centuries.

Taking center stage for this momentous event will be a brilliant cast of artists, all of whom have established themselves as exceptional talents within the realm of opera. Among the featured performers are the renowned soprano Jacqueline Piccolino, the captivating mezzo-soprano Megan Moore, the talented tenor Alex McKissick, the distinguished baritone Ethan Vincent, and the accomplished pianist Travis Bloom. Their combined artistry and expertise will undoubtedly create an atmosphere of sheer magic, transporting the audience on a journey through the ages of operatic excellence.

In an official statement released by the Berkshire Opera Festival, Megan Moore expressed her enthusiasm for the concert and the roles she will be performing. She shared,

“The arias from ‘Dido & Aeneas (Dido),’ ‘La Donna del Lago (Elena),’ and ‘Dead Man Walking (Sister Helen),’ are all dream roles for me. ‘Cendrillon’ is a role I’ve sung in English, so I’m really looking forward to presenting this aria in the original French. The date range of the pieces is huge, 1688-2000, but all of these roles exhibit strong, loving, devoted, compassionate women. From luscious legato lines to racing coloratura, I am so excited to present a wide range of arias and characters to the wonderful Berkshire Opera Festival audience this summer.”

With such exceptional talent, a captivating repertoire, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of operatic performance, the Berkshire Opera Festival's opening concert promises to be an extraordinary celebration of music and art. Attendees can anticipate an evening of transcendent performances that honor the rich traditions of the past while embracing the limitless possibilities of the future.



For more information and to get your tickets, click the button below to access Berkshire Opera Festival's official website.


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