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Mezzo-Soprano Lea Shaw Among Winners of New Voices Competition

The inaugural New Voices Competition, organized by the Northern Aldborough Festival, recently announced its winners. The competition took place on June 21 at St Andrew's Church and featured a distinguished jury comprising Dame Felicity Lott, Christian Curnyn, Joseph Middleton, Robert Ogden, and Sir Andrew Lawson-Tancre.

The prestigious £5000 Seastock Trust Prize was awarded to mezzo-soprano Lea Shaw and pianist Kristina Yorgova for their outstanding performance. Their collaboration showcased their remarkable talent and musicality, earning them well-deserved recognition and the substantial prize.

Another remarkable duo, soprano Alexandra Beason and Ilan Kurtser on the piano, received the £1500 Yorkshire Music Future Fund Prize. Alexandra's captivating voice, combined with Ilan's skillful piano accompaniment, created a memorable and impressive performance that caught the attention of the jury.

Among the other finalists were Victoria Mulley, who made a late addition to the semi-finals, and soprano Georgie Malcolm, accompanied by pianist Edward Campbell-Rowntree. Their performances demonstrated their immense talent and added to the overall excellence of the competition.

The New Voices Competition served as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their abilities and gain recognition within the music industry. The winners and finalists demonstrated exceptional skill, musical interpretation, and stage presence, impressing both the jury and the audience in attendance. The competition's success highlights the commitment of the Northern Aldborough Festival to nurturing and promoting new talent in the world of classical music.


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