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Operabase Announces Updates & Improvements

Operabase, the leading platform for opera information, has exciting upgrades planned for its platform in the coming months.

One of the notable improvements includes enhanced search functionality, designed to make it even easier for users to find the information they need. The updated search tool will not only provide a more comprehensive search experience but also offer personalized features. Users will have access to their search history, enabling them to revisit past searches and previously visited pages. Additionally, the search tool will generate suggestions based on the user's input, assisting them in discovering relevant content effortlessly. To further streamline the search process for performances and video listings, users will have the option to select specific categories such as Artists, or choose between "performances" or "video" from a convenient dropdown menu.

In addition to the search upgrades, Operabase aims to enhance site navigation across both desktop and mobile interfaces. Professional users will find new, easily accessible options located on the top right bar. These options include the Casting Tool, Productions Rentals, profile updates for Artists, Managers & Organizations, Language Selection, and Login. This improved navigation system ensures that professional users can efficiently access the tools and resources they need. Meanwhile, both Audience and Professional users will benefit from enhanced features accessible from the top left bar. These features include Performances & Tickets, Artists, Companies, Festivals, and Managers. With the refined navigation, users can effortlessly explore and navigate through the platform to find comprehensive information about operas, performances, artists, companies, and festivals.

Operabase values user feedback and actively encourages suggestions for further improvements. Users have the opportunity to provide their input and share feature requests through the orange feedback button on the Operabase webpage or by reaching out directly via email. This open line of communication ensures that Operabase continues to evolve and meet the needs of its users effectively.

With the upcoming upgrades to its platform, Operabase reaffirms its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, empowering opera enthusiasts and professionals alike to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date opera information with ease.


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